Perfect Not Perfect


Introductions make way to assumptions. See me here, see me there, can’t relate to my state,

get to know, as I am, perfect

I am not.

Self-lead self-taught, what else you got?

Outside shining see me smiling.

Tears of glass, perfect

I am not.

Carefully labelled boxes, neatly stacked, someone for each one

keep me out of your presumptive system, perfect

I am not.

Breath upon breath, with every beat, fighting my way through the pain and the rain,

head held high, crowning my own glory, I don’t need you to help me with my story

because I already know, perfect

I am not.

Strong, so very strong, quietly cloaked in compassion and courage only subtly made

aware to a few, giant

I am.

Tia (The Vibrant Lenz)

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