Sisterhood of the Childless and Childfree Coming to Cleveland

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Image courtesy of The NotMom Summit

I recently came across the NotMom Summit while browsing online. According to their site, the NotMom Summit is “The ONLY international conference for and about women without children by choice or by chance”. The name enough was intriguing but as I read that I fell in love. In this day and age where infertility is on the rise worldwide, circumstances exist which make it challenging for women who want children to have them, and where more women(and men) are making choices to live childfree lifestyles, it makes sense that this part of our society is acknowledged, heard and their needs catered to. On a side-note but definitely relevant, Croatia are shockingly drafting a law which defines family in a very exclusionary and myopic way. Not cool Croatia!

The conference, organized by Karen Malone Wright and her team, is taking place in Cleveland, Ohio during the first week of October 2017. The event looks to be jam-packed with noteworthy speakers and interesting topics such as work, managing finances, philanthropy & volunteering, and planning for old-age, all from the perspective of “Not Moms”. What a wonderful way to forge meaningful connections with and meet other women who in our current society are somehow made to feel less-than or outcasts for not possessing the title of mother. Ahhh if only Cleveland weren’t so very far away……

This is the second year the conference is being held, the first one being in 2015, and with more than 100 participants set for this year’s one including from as far afield as New Zealand, it seems like this is growing from strength to strength with many more years in its future.

You can find more information on this conference as well as resources for childless & childfree women here.

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